The Path to a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment 

Without the support and collaboration of other like-minded institutions, universities drain time and resources integrating new technology solutions; pay high prices for tools and content; and hinder research and continuous improvement with limited access to data.

Unizin supports interoperability, open-source, and standards-based solutions. Together, our Members save valuable time and resources they can use to provide extraordinary learning experiences that improve outcomes for students.

Benefits of Unizin Membership

Support network of like-minded institutions

Innovation through

Flexible tools and services so you can move at your own pace

Influence the edtech market through the Consortium

Visionary, data-supported teaching and learning

Improve learning outcomes using your data, your way

Access to high-quality, low-cost, portable content

Save up to 80% on learning materials that you use today

Communities and Peer Networks

Teaching and Learning Advisory Group

The Teaching and Learning Advisory Group provides recommendations to the Unizin board and Unizin staff around strategic priorities and collaborate across institutions to share resources and best practices that support teaching and learning. The group also recommends improvements in services through feedback from faculty, students, and staff.

Learning Analytics Community of Practice

The LA CoP provides a mechanism for two-way communication between Unizin and our Members, and it encourages an open and ongoing dialogue about our learning analytics initiatives and our products and services. The community meets virtually once a month to discuss a variety of topics coming from both Unizin and our Members.

"Unizin is a means to ensure that members of the Academy shape the future in ways that best serve the noble mission that is higher education."

- Brad Wheeler and James L. Hilton, Unizin Board Directors from, respectively, Indiana University and University of Michigan

"For students to have control of their education and have an education that’s modern and meets their expectations is what Unizin is helping us do."

- Mike Hofherr, Unizin Board Director from The Ohio State University