A learning data and analytics platform for higher ed 


Finally, a data platform that enables higher education institutions to capture, own, use, and capitalize on its learning data and analytics to serve advising, institutional research, business intelligence, research, and more at cloud-scale.


Learning data at your fingertips

The UDP is a Platform-as-a-Service solution that  integrates and normalizes learning data from across your institution and delivers it with cloud-native data services.

Integrate your learning data ecosystem

The UDP integrates and normalizes data from the SIS, LMS, and learning tools, enabling an enterprise foundation for data-informed practices at scale.

Operate at cloud scale

The UDP’s cloud-native data architecture and use of standard cloud data services complements your institution’s cloud strategy and existing data solutions ecosystem.

No lock-in – ever

The UDP’s data lake and mart services integrate with your analysis, BI, reporting, data science, and data virtualization solutions. UDP does not lock you into an end-user toolset.

Deliver learning data across your institution

The UDP’s cloud-native data services enable an institution to deliver learning data across the enterprise with their existing reporting, BI, and analysis tools.


Unizin’s offers UDP onboarding, training, and other concierge services to quickly onramp an institution’s use of learning data.


Standards first

The UDP uses industry data standards to integrate and normalize learning data from your learning tool ecosystem. The UDP enables your institution to confidently invest in data solutions supported by the vendor community.

Stronger together

All UDP customers benefit from Unizin’s consortium approach to strategic partnerships, which advance the adoption of data interoperability standards across the higher ed market.

A modern  learning data ecosystem

Higher education institutions needs a loosely-coupled, standards-based learning data ecosystem to complement their digital strategy.

By integrating data from the SIS, LMS, and learning tools with industry-grade standards, the UDP is a comprehensive solution to informing your academic mission with data.

The UDP cost-effectively delivers a data lake, warehouses, and marts that support use-case domains. Institutions may bring their existing analytics, business intelligence, and reporting platforms to the UDP.

Unizin’s research, learning analytics, and related communities collaborate on UDP-based data modeling, analytics applications development, and research, rapidly accelerating each institution’s own journey.