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Our Story
Our Mission
Our Values
Our Story

A number of leading research institutions formed Unizin in response to the rapid growth of higher education technologies. Our Member Institutions collaborate and share resources to adapt to the ever-changing digital teaching and learning landscape. Unizin is a means for higher education to shape its own future in ways that best serve learners.

Unizin is membership-based and governed by its Founding Member institutions as a nonprofit 501(c)(3). It is currently composed of 25 institutions and 900,000+ learners, making it one of the largest educational organizations in the country. Unizin, Ltd. is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Our Mission

Unizin's mission is to improve the learner experiences with digital teaching and learning resources.

Our Values

Learner Success

The Unizin Consortium is a collaborative effort by leading higher education institutions, meaning learner success is the end goal in everything we do.


Improved access to data and learning materials strengthens the learning environment. Our data management solutions strengthen Members’ data and analytics efforts. Our content delivery and production solutions connect instructors, content producers, and course developers to create rich content communities.


Unizin is working to lower the cost of higher education by negotiating favorable contracts with learning material providers on behalf of our Members, as well as promoting low-cost and free alternatives like OER and faculty-generated content.


Unizin Members

University of Florida
University of Michigan
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Indiana University
Oregon State University
University of Minnesota
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Penn State
Ohio State
University of Iowa
University of Nebraska
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