Empower instructors and students to inform learning with data today.

Enable your instructors and students to become more data-informed in their everyday practices with member-developed analytics applications powered by the UDP. Unizin members develop empirically-grounded applications experiences that integrate seamlessly with the learning environment to support student reflection, metacognition, and performance


My Learning Analytics

The University of Michigan developed My Learning Analytics (MyLA) to provide students with information about their engagement with course materials and resources, assignments, and grades in a Canvas course.

Metacognition and reflection

The three MyLA data visualizations reveal behavioral patterns associated with good learning skills and guide students to take actions improve their academic outcomes.




Integrated in Canvas

MyLA is accessed directly from the Canvas course navigation or from the relevant page view in Canvas, placing the links where the students already go for course-related information.

Built by Higher ed

MyLA was developed as a collaborative project between researchers from the School of Information and School of Education partnering with ITS Teaching & Learning.