Own the digital future of student success

The digital learning ecosystem has rapidly evolved to encompass data, analytics, tools, course materials, technology vendors and strategic partnerships.

Unizin’s holistic approach – encompassing both technology and partnership solutions – enables institutions to plan, manage and scale the digital transformation of their academic mission in a dynamic environment.

By embracing the values and interests of the academy, Unizin empowers its Members to own the future of student success in the midst of unprecedented change.


Tower and Main Building with students on the Main Mall 2015.

AUSTIN, TX  (July 1, 2024) – The University of Texas at Austin’s Academic Affairs division has joined Unizin — a non-profit, membership-based consortium of leading academic and research institutions committed to optimizing digital transformation in higher education…Continue Reading

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AUSTIN, TX and BOCA RATON, FL (May 21, 2024) – Unizin, the non-profit member consortium of 14 leading U.S. academic and research institutions, and Honorlock, today announced the integration of contextual exam data into the Unizin Data Platform (UDP)… Continue Reading

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Permission to Say “Yes” – A conversation with Michele Norin, Rutgers University Senior Vice President and CIO and Unizin Board Chair. Michele Norin has traversed the arc of technology evolution within higher education for more than three decades… Continue Reading



Driving data & analytics

Unizin harnesses data standards and builds solutions to truly integrate and scale data-informed, digital learning ecosystems.

The Unizin Data Platform will fuel an unprecedented level of insight, analytics, and research to fundamentally alter how higher education enables student success.

Maximizing course materials & tools

Unizin leverages the purchasing power of the collective to provide affordable access to digital course materials and learning tools that are powering the future of higher education.

Our collective approach – born of the Academy, for the Academy – drives cost savings and enhances control as digital learning evolves at scale.

Empowering partnerships

Unizin’s consortium-level relationships with vendors, technology partners and publishers establish standards and govern the tools, data and pricing that deliver optimal value for our Members.

To date our Members have realized more than $100 million in savings through Unizin agreements.