Solving strategic challenges in higher education


Unizin delivers products and services that enable institutions to scale their data, analytics, and digital course materials ecosystem.

Empowered by Unizin’s solutions, institutions support faculty, students, and other stakeholders every day while also confidently charting a strategic direction for student success at scale.

Unizin Data Platform

Enterprise learning data integrations, warehousing, and data services.

Unizin Order Tool

Enterprise management of all digital course materials adoption.

Unizin Engage

Day 1 delivery of all digital course materials to students.

Own the assets critical to student success at your institution

Unizin’s data, analytics, and digital course materials SaaS solutions enable institutions to steer their digital learning ecosystem to improve student outcomes.

We believe that the 21st century higher ed institutions must and will develop core capabilities to use data, analytics, and digital content to propel their academic mission. 


Available via Unizin membership

All Unizin products, services, and community benefits are bundled into a Unizin membership.

Our goal is to empower institutions to accelerate their data, analytics, and content journeys today and set their right strategic course for the future.

Common services

We develop technologies and services that every institution needs, that no single institution can implement cost-effectively on its own, but that are essential for every institution.

Common good

Our solutions realize a vision that digital education scales best in a standards-based, loosely-coupled technology ecosystem that promotes institutional choice and ownership of key assets, such as data.

Powered by a shared vision

Unizin’s solutions are amplified through strategic partnerships and a community model that enables institutions to scale digital pedagogy.

As a membership-based organization, Unizin delivers its technology products as a common services provider. Together, we go farther.

As a reseller of vended solutions, Unizin develops partnerships that amplify the role of standards, institutional data ownership, and college affordability in digital education. All partnerships complement our technology services portfolio to advance the vision of a plug n’ play, institutionally-directed digital learning ecosystem.