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Together, Unizin Members are changing the future of higher education.

Unizin institutions are leading research establishments with a common goal of enhancing learner success with digital technology and resources. Founded in 2014 by Colorado State University, Indiana University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Florida, Unizin has grown to 11 Founding Members and two System Members, all dedicated to improving education technology. Whether it's sharing affordable content, collaborating on digital solutions, or researching learner outcomes, Unizin gives universities and instructors a renewed, action-oriented, and collective voice to shape the future of higher education. We are united by our synergistic spirit, our sense of community, and our commitment to helping students succeed. 

University of Florida
University of Michigan
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Indiana University
Oregon State University
University of Minnesota
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Penn State
Ohio State
University of Iowa
University of Nebraska
State University System of Florida
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