What is Unizin?

The Unizin Consortium is universities coming together in a strategic way to exert greater control and influence over the digital learning landscape.  It enables each institution, its faculty, and students to draw on an evolving set of tools to support digital learning for residential, flipped classroom, online courses/degrees, badged experiences for Alumni, or even MOOCs if desired.  Unizin supports the differing missions and strategies of universities. Read Why Unizin in the blog.

Unizin Services are cloud-based infrastructure based on open technology standards.  It will evolve to support content systems that empower faculty with full control over their owned content — store it or share it — and an analytics service to enable research to improve learning.  As a university-owned service for universities, all of this will evolve within the longstanding values of the Academy.

Unizin is membership-based and is being launched by a group of founding investing universities . It is governed as a not-for-profit service operator with a CEO and board of directors from its members as an Unincorporated Association at Internet2. Unizin’s founding members include Colorado State University, Indiana University, the University of Florida, the University of Michigan, Oregon State University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Minnesota and it is extensible to other investing institutions.

Almost 20 years ago, universities came together to create Internet2 based on a recognition that it was critical to their missions to help shape and push innovation in the evolving high performance network space. Unizin seeks to do that again for the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem that connects content, applications, and data.