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Together, the Unizin Consortium provides solutions for the biggest issues facing higher education institutions today: access, affordability, and learner success. The current state of digital education is changing fast, and we're making sure that we're prepared for next-generation learners.

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Insights into student performance are key to improving retention and graduation rates. Collecting, storing, and accessing data from across institutions in the learning environment is overwhelming. Unizin tools and services capture and organize real-time data for your optimal use.

It's important to have software that is easy for faculty and learners to use. Valuable time is wasted tracking new innovations, testing them, correcting accessibility issues, and training. 

At Unizin, we contract for, develop, integrate, and operate evolving cloud-scale services for your teaching and learning efforts, saving you time and money.

Great content can guide students. But too often, content is expensive, difficult to acquire, and, simply, not good. Unizin tools and services allow faculty to choose high-quality learning materials and deliver them to students faster and more cost-effectively.


Close-up photograph of student viewing Canvas LMS interface on laptop

How Video Content Improves Learner Experiences

December 6, 2017

Written by Unizin’s Fall 2017 video production intern Sarah Nouri. The creation and distribution of video content plays a key role in expanding and improving the way learners can access information. As a senior in college, I have witnessed a shift in the way the overall learning ecosystem operates, mainly with a growing reliance upon diverse types of video content to serve digital learners.

Lecture hall full of students on their laptops

Solving the Learning Data Puzzle: The Unizin Common Data Model

September 13, 2017

If you’re thinking about how to improve student success – and who isn’t in higher ed? – then data and analytics about teaching and learning are probably on your mind. It can be a daunting subject. There is so much data all around us – about students and courses; the planning, design, and delivery of instruction; and learning behaviors and results – that it may feel overwhelming. How can all of this… Read More

two female students studying together with laptop and books in a library

Two Unizin Members Complete Migration to Canvas

August 7, 2017

Unizin recognizes Instructure’s Canvas as the top learning management system on the current market because of its incomparable interoperability, innovative content and analytics capabilities, and open standards. Currently, all of Unizin’s Founding Members have Canvas either fully implemented on their campus or are piloting the LMS. This summer, the University of Iowa and The Ohio State University, two Unizin Founding Members, completed their migrations from the D2L learning management system and are… Read More