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Together, the Unizin Consortium is finding solutions for the biggest issues facing higher education institutions today: affordability, access, and learner success. We know the current state of digital education is changing fast, and we're making sure that we're prepared for next-generation learners. We believe if you want to go far, go together.

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Unizin Solutions

  • Content

    Production and Collaboration

  • Data and Analytics

    Data Management

  • Learning Environment

    Course Material Delivery and Insights

Content is a critical part of any learning environment. Our institutions value a dynamic, peer-reviewed content ecosystem that provides instructional materials for the evolving needs of modern learners. Unizin's content solutions include tools for high quality and affordable content production supported by a collaborative content foundation that allows for the discovery, creation, sharing, and remixing of instructional materials.

The digital teaching and learning ecosystem runs on data. Collecting, storing and accessing data from a variety of sources in the learning environment is difficult but critical. Unizin's solutions for data management solve logistical challenges by providing real-time student performance information and anonymized data from across the Consortium. Standardized by the Unizin Common Data Model and organized in the Unizin Data Platform, university data remains wholly owned by the university. The campus decides what data goes into the Unizin Data Platform, where the data is completely de-identified to be used for consortial research purposes. It's your data, your way, with improved standardization and security. 

The learning environment is the portal for transferring knowledge from teacher to student. Right now, high costs and logistical challenges directly impact the affordability and richness of contemporary higher education. Unizin enables the learning environment to deliver course materials in new and affordable ways and uses learner data to enhance the learning experience and improve outcomes. Unizin's solutions include an eText platform that includes advanced page-read analytics and dashboards that provide insights to drive timely interventions and support learner progress.

Benefits of Membership

Support network of like-minded institutions that are collaboratively becoming next-generation learning environments

Collaborative workflows that eliminate duplicate efforts and promote innovation

Greater control over the direction of future solutions via task forces and early adopter programs

Enablement of student access to digital course materials on the
first day of class

Technology that promotes a data-driven learning environment for continuous improvement

Solutions to logistical challenges to using institutional data to enhance learning outcomes

Foundations for a vibrant content ecosystem built on quality production, portability, and reusability

Unique agreements for delivering publishing content at 60% below cost on average


Lecture hall full of students on their laptops

Solving the Learning Data Puzzle: The Unizin Common Data Model

September 13, 2017

If you’re thinking about how to improve student success – and who isn’t in higher ed? – then data and analytics about teaching and learning are probably on your mind. It can be a daunting subject. There is so much data all around us – about students and courses; the planning, design, and delivery of instruction; and learning behaviors and results – that it may feel overwhelming. How can all of this… Read More

two female students studying together with laptop and books in a library

Two Unizin Members Complete Migration to Canvas

August 7, 2017

Unizin recognizes Instructure’s Canvas as the top learning management system on the current market because of its incomparable interoperability, innovative content and analytics capabilities, and open standards. Currently, all of Unizin’s Founding Members have Canvas either fully implemented on their campus or are piloting the LMS. This summer, the University of Iowa and The Ohio State University, two Unizin Founding Members, completed their migrations from the D2L learning management system and are… Read More

close up photograph of a laptop

Data Management: The Fundamentals

June 6, 2017

  Data is becoming the most valuable digital asset, and getting data management right is as critical an issue for universities as other businesses. For Unizin, this is non-negotiable: Data belongs to the universities and needs to be accessible and standardized to enable institutions to use that information as they see fit. A common data model and architecture can accelerate management of this data for all of higher education, while allowing universities… Read More

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