Published July 20, 2015

AUSTIN, JULY 20, 2015 Unizin announced the acquisition of the Courseload software today. Courseload includes an eText reader platform and collaborative learning tools for the delivery of digital learning materials including Open Educational Resources, faculty-authored course packs, and publisher content. The addition of Courseload is a vital component for connecting content to learners in Unizin’s digital learning ecosystem.

“By acquiring Courseload and welcoming a number of its talented employees to Unizin, we instantly provide one of the best in class eText platforms to our Members,” said Robin Littleworth, Chief Operating Officer at Unizin. “We are absolutely thrilled.”

The platform includes Courseload Engage, an online learning and collaboration tool that delivers textbooks and other resources in digital form. Key product features include the ability to highlight, annotate, bookmark and search digital texts, as well as consolidate and share study notes. Instructors can supplement traditional course materials with low-cost alternatives such as Open Educational Resources and faculty-generated content.

“The Courseload e-reader platform has been a key factor in the success of the five-year eText initiative at Indiana University,” said Anastasia Morrone, Associate Vice President of Learning Technologies at IU. “The acquisition of Courseload by Unizin is another important step in developing a learning ecosystem that is driven by faculty and learner needs. The inclusion of Courseload data will increase analytics capabilities and facilitate opportunities for faculty collaboration and content sharing across Unizin institutions.”

“Courseload set out to help institutions harness the potential of digital course materials to deliver richer learning experiences in a more cost-effective way,” said Steve Scott, Chief Technology Officer at Courseload. “Building on the Courseload foundation, Unizin can develop the next generation of this critical dimension of the digital infrastructure, and link it to content and analytics work underway.”

“The Courseload software lends itself well to the Unizin services roadmap for content and analytics,” said Littleworth. “We’re excited about aligning our two similar missions and continuing to provide innovative solutions. For Unizin Members, it will provide a complete path for faculty to create content, deliver it across a range of student-preferred devices and gain insights to improve instruction.”

About Unizin

The Unizin Consortium provides standards-based learning and teaching technological platform for its members. It consists of 11 founding investors and 22 higher education institutions. Unizin is based in Austin, Texas. For more on Unizin, see or email

About Courseload

Courseload is the leading aggregator and distributor of eTexts and digital course materials. Courseload’s approach eliminates the barriers that have impeded the print-to-digital evolution in academia while providing deep cost reductions to students and institutions and improving academic outcomes. Courseload materials are accessible from a central location, which enables students to learn and collaborate more successfully and provides faculty with tools and analytics that support teaching.