Published July 7, 2021

A New Look – A New Perspective


You may have noticed a new look to Unizin.  We recently rolled out a new logo as the capstone to an overall brand refresh.  While some may not consider a logo refresh breaking news, for us, the new look marks a crucial moment in time.  To understand the significance, let’s first consider our history.


Legend has it, the Unizin name and original logo were born during a long intercontinental flight – inspired by the notion (or perhaps glass or two) of Old Vine Zinfandel.  Our “old vines” were the founding institutions, intertwined and connected by a common purpose. The shared desire to better manage courseware and content and to take ownership of learner data was the founding principle of the organization.  As a member-led consortium, we could afford to have a logo – affectionately known as the bundle of grapes – which served as an esoteric nod to our origin story.


Today, as Unizin looks outward to deliver new insights, new models, and new capabilities to the academy at -large, the time has come for our logo to be more reflective of a broader, more expansive ambition.


A good logo should represent a business in a simplistic, timeless, & memorable way that makes an imprint in a customer’s mind. A better logo applies these principles in a way that makes your identity unique and tells the story of your organization in an aesthetic, clean and concise manner.   The process of reinventing one’s identity is not a simple task. It is not for the faint of heart. The process takes a lot of consideration, inward thinking, and reflection of who you are and who you intend to become. The process also does not happen overnight, but the hard work, dedication, and results are worth the payoff.


Thanks to a series of collective conversations, many hours of hard work, dedicated resources, careful consideration, and with great pride, we have designed a refreshed version of the Unizin logo.  We believe this updated identity will provide our consumers with a stronger sense of the broader space we occupy and will give us a strengthened stance in our marketplace visually.


This logo update marks the beginning stages of our branding identity revamping. You will soon see the logo update being applied across our tools, services, applications, and collateral. This effort will be followed by a new overall strategy that intends to reshape the future of higher education.