Published March 3, 2017

Unizin partners with Instructure to enrich learner data access in Canvas Data

Working collaboratively, Unizin staff and Instructure partnered to make “modules” data available to all Canvas customers in the Canvas Data function. This data service includes information about modules, module items, module content details, completion requirements, and other functions.

“Our aim is to better understand how specific learner interactions with content and modules relate to learner success,” said Robin Littleworth, Chief Operating Officer at Unizin. “We are pleased to see the extended data, initially focused on addressing research and innovation needs for Unizin members, open to all Canvas customers.”

Modules are critical because they allow for more customization and flexibility as curriculum becomes more personalized. Modules can capture instructional design and intent in a course. This extended data goes beyond data previously available for learners in Canvas while providing greater context about the course.

“The beauty of working with Unizin is they represent motivated, forward-thinking institutions that are committed to improving education,” says Jared Stein, VP of Higher Education Strategy at Instructure. “This work to extend Canvas Data will help Unizin enhance teaching and learning and reinforces the value of openness and interoperability in a platform like Canvas.”

Unizin and Instructure will continue to work together to enrich learner data access and expand the data available to institutions that enable greater insights and intelligence for the academic community.

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