Brand Guidelines

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Logo and lockups

A logo is a visual representation of who you are as a company, business, or organization. This marking should be immediately recognizable, distinguishable, and consistent.

Below you will find a set of Unizin marketing lockups and downloadable resources. The lockups are offered in both a horizontal and vertical format. The use of either of these should be determined by the space in which they occupy.

Primary logo

Primary logo format. This should be used when the logo sits on a lighter colored background such as white.


Use this logo when the background color is of a darker value.


This version should be used sparingly and only when the restrictions call for a single & black or white color option.


Need to use the Unizin logo in our site or in your marketing materials? The following links will provide the resources you will need. 

All logo assets

Download all our logo files and formats. This .zip file includes the raw .ai (Adobe Illustrator) files, .svg, .eps, .pdf and .png versions. All files are represented in the Primary, Secondary and Monochromatic permutations in both the horizontal and vertical format.