We are thrilled to announce that we recently acquired the software and trademark assets of Courseload, Inc!

Courseload Engage is a leading platform for delivering textbooks and other educational resources in digital form to students. It brings collaborative teaching and learning capabilities to students and instructors, which ultimately brings us closer to improving learning experiences. Some of the key product features include the ability to highlight, annotate, bookmark, and search digital texts, as well as to consolidate and share study notes, all of which foster learner interactions with the content. Our intent is to deploy Courseload as the digital text platform for the Unizin ecosystem.

The acquisition of Courseload speaks directly to the shared Unizin vision in many ways. Most notably we can incorporate it to bolster our eLearning portfolios and give students access to more and better eLearning materials. Thus, our members can use this technology to enhance learning on their campuses starting in the fall. Not only do we have another great tool at our disposal, it empowers our faculty with greater control and options concerning content.

This technology facilitates the increased digitization of content, which in turn can reduce the cost of education at our institutions. Courseload has already proven several times over that they can deliver content at a lower cost than other alternatives. Hence, this is consistent with our Unizin vision to ensure a cost-efficient path for the best tools that best serve our students.

Courseload is also a foundational piece of the Unizin ecosystem because it is focused directly on improving the student learning experience, both financially and pedagogically. We look forward to tracking and measuring the outcomes and cost-savings passed on to students at our Member institutions.

Summarily, Courseload is a solution the fits into our overall Unizin vision of providing key elements of the digital learning landscape that we can use to improve learning on our campuses and advance higher education.   While this acquisition may not exactly be what we had in mind when we stated Unizin intends to control the ecosystem, it does clearly demonstrate the resolve and seriousness of our consortium.  We are privileged to be able to exercise Unizin’s scope, supported by the leadership of our Board of Directors, to obtain this technology, which will yield significant cost savings for the long-term, while simultaneously providing best in class tools and services to our campuses.

Clearly we are executing on our vision. And we are definitely tipping the table in favor of the Academy.

We look forward to the many successes of the Courseload technology and the team within Unizin!