Pressbooks Hosting

Affordable, High-Quality Content Production with Pressbooks Hosting through Unizin.

Pressbooks logo, white "PB" on a red background

Pressbooks is an open-source, WordPress-based platform that lets users publish content to a variety of digital formats.

Through Pressbooks Hosting, Unizin supports:

  • the creation of portable, reusable, standards-based content
  • institutional initiatives that encourage faculty-led authoring of affordable and open educational resources

Why Pressbooks?


Pressbooks is a widely-adopted solution to exporting and producing high quality content. In addition, it was recommended by Unizin's OER Authoring Task Force as an important part of their report on a Common Authoring Framework for OER.

Spotlight: Unizin Members Using Pressbooks

University of Minnesota logoUniversity of Minnesota Press -
produces its Forerunners series of digital
humanities scholarship using Pressbooks

The Ohio State University logoAffordable Learning Exchange -
The Ohio State University empowers faculty
to create and share affordable course materials
using Pressbooks


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