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We are enabling institutions and faculty to choose and deliver content aligning with their missions and supporting their affordability strategies.

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Content design is evolving in response to new, digital methods of teaching and learning. Content delivery is more than delivering files or streaming media, and it presents invaluable opportunities for enhancing the learning experience. Content delivery logistics (offline and mobile capabilities; accessibility for cognitive and sensory needs; digital rights) are key challenges solved by our delivery solutions.

Unizin Solutions

To improve course material delivery, we are working with our Members to find a common solution that fits each campus's affordability and accessibility models. We are following our Institutional Model, which means that all students have access to all of their course materials from Day One. Course materials will be available through tools such as Unizin Engage that support online, offline, and rental capabilities. These tools and resources will also integrate with university-generated content made using Unizin production solutions. Our solution is to deliver more meaningful and digitally enhanced content over a variety of platforms. 


By having course materials aggregated and managed within the learning management system, all learners will be able to access the tools they need to succeed.


With our solutions for course material delivery, we're smoothing out all the logistics - that means that delivery will be more efficient, optimizing the right content in the right format. Licensing and digital rights management will also be an integral part of the content, all leading to a more personalized learning experience.


Unizin Engage offers content interaction data so that instructors can actively apply learning analytics in their course, making for a better learning experience for individual students and the entire course section. Data insights gathered from Engage and Unizin's additional tools can make a positive impact on all kinds of learning environments.

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Unizin Engage

Unizin Engage is a platform that solves the complex demands of students and faculty in the evolving learning environment. Early adopters of Engage have indicated that both students and faculty are reaping the benefits of the eText platform and are enjoying its use in the course. Engage offers greater value than traditional textbooks and makes it possible for instructors to engage earlier with students, utilizing the full term for instruction to its greatest potential. With its inherent ease of access and affordability, Engage is also improving online courses and programs and increasing their retention rates.