Focus Areas

Strategic solutions for data, analytics, and content

Unizin builds strategic technology solutions that enable institutions to accelerate their digital transformation today and capitalize on digital pedagogy over the next decade. 

Data Services & Learning Analytics

Unizin Data Platform

The Unizin Data Platform (UDP) is an institution-level data platform that aggregates, cleans, models, and stores all teaching and learning data. It generates a unified portrait of learners in the context of their learning environments, enabling institutions to build effective data-driven practices at scale.

The Unizin Data Platform enables a plug-n-play data integration model for homegrown and vendor solutions through data standards and common modeling. As it flows into the UDP, tool data is cleaned and unified into a standard representation of teaching and learning environments and processes. This delivers a key benefit to university researchers, faculty, application developers, and other staff who require a complete and uniform view of teaching and learning.

As a consortium, Unizin will develop data products and services on the UDP that focus on the needs of the Academy. These services will include data marts, real-time event processing, and APIs in service of research, learning analytics, application development, and business intelligence.

Digital Content

Unizin Engage

Unizin Engage enables institutions to deliver digital course materials under the Inclusive Access business model. The Engage platform delivers publisher eTexts, courseware, open education resources (OER), and faculty-generated content. Inclusive Access enables significant cost savings. Indiana University, a Unizin Institution, has saved over $16 million for its students by using the Engage platform.


in savings to date


average ebook discount

Affordability and Access

Unizin negotiates with publishers directly on behalf of the consortium to deliver the best possible pricing. On average, textbooks prices are 60% below list price. Our agreements grant students access to content for the life of their enrollment at the institution. Students may also view content offline, print content, and consume content on their mobile devices.

“Day 1” Access

Students access Engage directly from the learning management system (LMS) from the first day of classes. Content can be accessed anywhere — online or offline – from any device with a web browser. If digital isn’t for all your students, there’s an option to print.

Classroom Innovation

Instructors use Engage to drive new pedagogies in digital learning environments. For example, instructors using Engage’s social annotation features scaffold student learning and reading experiences. Because the notes were made in the instructor’s version of the text, all students can view the notes made in class. Students can use these notes to build study guides or reference supplemental information in the text.

Valuable Data

Engage generates data to deliver valuable insights into how students are consuming and interacting with content. Instructors can see which students have questions and how often they are interacting with the text. Using pageview analytics, instructors can quickly identify students that need help with concepts and intervene.

Unizin Order Tool

Scale your digital course materials program with Order Tool’s workflows, reporting, and automation. Order Tool offers custom experiences for faculty, instructors, and coordinators and, also, back-office automation reporting, billing, and other business processes for your administrators. Order Tool significantly reduces the time, labor, and logistical complexity of adopting Inclusive Access.


Enable your community to discover and adopt titles from an industry-leading catalog of commercial, OER, faculty-developed, and institutional books and courseware.


Monitor and manage content ordering, delivery, savings, and growth in your digital content programs. Use real-time data and reporting to assure that  faculty and coordinators are ordering the right content for the right sections at the right time.


Empower your administrators to grow your digital course materials program with communication, content research, and catalog workflows.


Streamline your program with automation by taking advantage of Order Tool’s extensive reporting.


The Unizin community is an essential method by which we achieve strategic change in digital pedagogy. Together, Member institutions build solutions, exchange practices, and share insights that drive innovation via the adoption of technology.

The Unizin Community is composed of seven volunteer-led committees. Each committee exists to focus on achieving common interests through collaboration and shared practices. We focus on these areas in particular:

  • Affordable digital content (OER, commercial content)
  • Learning analytics (developers-focused: tools, implementation, architecture)
  • Learning analytics (research-focused: studies,
  • Learning tools (technology adoption, procurement, evaluation)
  • Centers for teaching & learning (faculty development, solutions adoption, etc)
  • App developers (building software with data and analytics)
  • Libraries

Vendor Partnerships & Publishers


Unizin’s mission is to provide common technology services that support student success in a period of accelerating digital transformation. We believe the University must actively shape the ecosystem of services and solutions that address challenges and create opportunities for our noble mission. Our vision is of an ecosystem of interoperable services in data, analytics, and digital content that serve an increasingly expansive and interconnected view of student success.

Consortium-level vendor agreements –by which Unizin contracts with vendors to resell their services to institutions– is a critical component of our work. We aggregate demand in service of our mission to create vendor partnerships that serve our holistic vision of student success.

Unizin is selective in the vendors it pursues. We listen to and work with our members to drive areas of digital pedagogy. We pursue vendors who are motivated by both the business opportunity and our vision of a common services ecosystem driven by technology standards, data, analytics, choice, and the desire to lower the cost of education.

Vendor Partners

Fountainhead Press

Blackboard Ally

Fountainhead Press


Fountainhead Press


Fountainhead Press


Fountainhead Press


Fountainhead Press


Fountainhead Press

Top Hat

Fountainhead Press


Publishing Partners

Fountainhead Press

American Society of Microbiology

Fountainhead Press


Fountainhead Press

BVT Publishing

Fountainhead Press

Cambridge University Press

Fountainhead Press


Fountainhead Press

Fountainhead Press

Fountainhead Press


Fountainhead Press

Health Administration Press

Fountainhead Press

Human Kinetics

Fountainhead Press

International Society of Automation

Fountainhead Press


Fountainhead Press

McGraw Hill

Fountainhead Press


Fountainhead Press


Fountainhead Press

Springer Publishing

Fountainhead Press

Taylor & Francis

Fountainhead Press

Waveland Press

Fountainhead Press


Fountainhead Press

Wolters Kluwer Health

Fountainhead Press

WW Norton