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Unizin's insight solutions give faculty, students, and advisors a window into student progress and interactions within the learning environment. We give institutions control of their own data and the ability to use it in a way that helps optimize the learning experience and outcomes.

How Insights Can Help

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Educators will be able to view their students' levels of preparedness, assess how they are performing in the class, and identify learning trends within a specific course or section. Using insights allows for a more engaging and customized teaching environment.

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Dashboards displaying real time data insights give students the opportunity to take stock of their own performance, guide their own learning processes, and see their position in the class relative to their peers. 

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A suite of visualizations, reports, and notifications about individual learners' success are provided by the dashboards. Using these, advisors can identify at-risk students and make informed
decisions on interventions.

Course Monitor

Course Monitor provides student and section dashboards that use university-controlled data to provide critical insights to students, instructors, and advisors through the learning management system. When used with Unizin's data management solutions, Course Monitor is able to provide a complete data picture that can be used to enhance the learning experience and improve outcomes.

Course Monitor is currently in its testing phase with all Unizin Founding Members, where it is finding great success and continues to improve. 

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