People working together

Discover. Share. Reuse. Remix.

The Academy produces some of the best content for learners, educators, and researchers alike. But because of the lack of an interoperable system, the content can be difficult to find, and duplicate efforts are unnecessarily made. How can we eliminate redundancy and increase efficiency in individual university content ecosystems? With interoperable and standards-based technology, Unizin is creating a collaborative content ecosystem for its Members.

We are providing a foundation for collaboration where authors can share content; workflows between faculty, designers, and developers are supported; and accessibility is improved. We are creating a content ecosystem that is based on intelligent sharing and that frees time and resources for the best minds in higher education to provide the best resources for our learners.

Unizin’s content foundations enable instructional designers, content developers, librarians, faculty, and higher education professionals of a variety of roles to build a common content ecosystem at scale. Our standards-driven, interoperable technology enables integration with OER repositories, institutional repositories, and vendor solutions.

Coming Soon: Unizin Course Development Suite

Course Development Suite is a foundation for collaborative content workflows that power a teaching and learning ecosystem. The three applications in the Course Development Suite will support the needs and workflows of faculty, instructors, librarians, instructional designers,
IT staff, and multimedia developers.