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- Supporting Content Workflows for an Enhanced Teaching and Learning Environment -

We want students to have affordable, high-quality content.

A key part of Unizin's mission is to enhance production to improve learner success. Our universities are full of brilliant minds creating ground-breaking instructional materials that help students understand challenging concepts. We connect our Member institutions with open publishing tools so educators can create high quality and more affordable content.

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Unizin's Content Production Solutions

At Unizin, we support institutions' affordability strategies and help each campus achieve its goals for improved content strategies and, ultimately, improved learner success. We support the making of high quality content by promoting elegant content authoring workflows using Pressbooks. This solution comes at no cost to Members.

The Unizin Content Production Solutions integrate with the rest of our content lifecycle solutions by enabling the creating of content in common, interoperable, and modern formats.

We believe a consortium that is engaged in collaborative authoring and committed to affordable content will foster a vibrant OER community.

Learn more about our model for content on our blog.

Pressbooks Hosting

Pressbooks is an open-source Book Content Management System that is particularly excellent for the publication of book-based content and widely supported by the OER community. It lets users author and publish books to a variety of digital formats including MOBI, EPUB, designed PDF, and XML.

OER Content Authoring Framework

Authoring and production solutions go hand in hand. The OER Content Authoring Framework was authored by Unizin Members in the OER Authoring Task Force. Its purpose was to establish a common framework and model of practice for Unizin institutions to support the faculty-led authoring and building of open textbook content, with a particular focus on textbooks. Its goals are to catalyze institutional and enable consortium-wide collaboration of OER textbook publication.