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Institutions can realize significant cost savings by using digital course materials. Unizin works with universities and publishers to make sure that all students have the course materials they need on the first day of class. Forget tracking down the right edition or waiting for delivery!  The Unizin Engage platform is plugged in directly to the LMS so students can conveniently locate instructional materials using any device with a web browser.

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Student Engagement Insights

Engage provides insights into how students are consuming and interacting with content. Instructors can quickly see which students have questions and how often they are interacting with the text. These insights give instructors a quick and easy way to identify students that need help with concepts or study habits. 

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Anywhere Access

Unizin Engage is accessible from the learning management system (LMS) via LTI integration, meaning students don't have to open additional browser windows or login to access their course materials. Content can be accessed anywhere -- online or offline -- from any device with a web browser. Off the grid? Just select 'Keep on Device' to access course materials offline. In-text questions, instructor annotations and course materials added while an user is offline will be retrieved when they reconnect. If digital isn't for all your students, there's an option to print.

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Publisher Services = Cost Savings

By leveraging a large pool of customers, Unizin is able to negotiate prices for publisher content that are, on average, 60% below list price. Our contracts also include provisions that enable users offline access, printing, interaction features, full data capture and access to institutions, and flexible entitlement periods.

Unizin Engage is for everyone. View our WCAG 2.0 Level AA Assessment.

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