Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse - room full of data servers

Unizin's Data Warehouse solutions enable cross-institutional access and provide a unified picture of learner, course, and interaction behavior. 

Unizin’s Data Warehouse is a solution to data storage and access. Centralized access to data saves time and effort and simplifies the process for data management. Data collectors and routers may be configured and connected to provision data sources. The warehouse solution enables learning analytics and intelligence capabilities for products like the Unizin dashboard tool to provide a more complete picture of students and their progress. Learn more about our Data Integration solutions here.

The goal of the Unizin Data Warehouse solution is to provide our consortium access to a unified picture of learner data, course information, and behavioral interactions. Having a common place for data that is managed by Member universities is key to forming a strong learning analytics community. 

Student talking to an advisor about classesSee how the University of Michigan shaved hours off their data processing time and delivered more reliable data to advisors with the Unizin Data Warehouse.

Download the case study here.


Is the data in the UDW encrypted at rest, in transit or both?

Both. Federal and state statutes require us to encrypt data while in transit and at rest.

Is data anonymized in the UDW?

Data is not anonymized in the UDW because it is only accessible by the institution that owns it. There is no sharing of data in the UDW between institutions, so no anonymization is necessary.

How is the UDW provisioned?

The UDW is provisioned by Unizin’s data mover technology that periodically retrieves data from data sources and performs various operations before provisioning the UDW store. Unizin data movers can be extended to a variety of data sources and schemas.

Is SIS data included in the Unizin Data Warehouse?

Not yet. SIS data is an important component of the learning data landscape. Unizin will integrate SIS data systems in coordination with our Members and the development of common data models for the objects in SIS data systems.

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