Our institutions share similar technology ecosystem challenges in serving emerging, diversifying teaching and learning models. At Unizin, we are working with our Members to find solutions to these challenges.

Improving Content Workflows and Affordability.

Unizin's content solutions enhance collaboration between the technology and the people that support course development. Our tools and services create intuitive course development workflows and support the production of high quality instructional materials at a low cost. Our content solutions are allowing Unizin Members to build and grow vibrant content ecosystems. 


Enhancing the Learning Environment.

Learning environment solutions support and improve the daily interactions of students and faculty with the LMS, course materials and each other. With Course Monitor, you can identify at-risk students at a glance, leaving more time for you to do what you do best - help students succeed. Unizin Engage is an eText platform that supports affordability strategies, encourages collaborative learning, and gives all students the opportunity to be prepared on Day One.


Ensuring University Ownership of Data.

Data is critical to the continuous improvement of digital teaching and learning, but collecting, managing, and protecting it is difficult. With the Unizin Common Data Model and the Unizin Data Platform, we are helping universities make their data secure and standardized. Improved data management is key to optimizing the wealth of information in the learning environment.




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Pressbooks is an open-source Book Content Management System that is particularly excellent for the publication of book-based content and widely supported by the OER community.

Unizin Data Platform

The Unizin Data Platform (UDP) is a data management solution that enables learning analytics, application development, research, and business intelligence at both the institutional and consortial levels.

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Unizin Engage is an eText delivery platform that solves the complex demands of students and faculty in the evolving learning environment.

Course Development Suite

Course Development Suite is a foundation for collaborative content workflows that power a teaching and learning ecosystem. The three applications in the Course Development Suite will support the needs and workflows of faculty, instructors, librarians, instructional designers, IT staff, and multimedia developers.

Coming soon!

Course Monitor

Course Monitor provides student and section dashboards that use university-controlled data to provide critical insights to students, instructors, and advisors through the learning management system.

Unizin Solutions

Adopt and Develop Open Technology Standards

Enable Tool and Systems Integrations for Content and Data

Open Up the Learner Analytics
Black Box

Ensure Access for Educators and Students to All Content and Data

Create Leverage for Institutions in the Edtech Market

Preserve and Promote
Faculty Choice

Respect the Pace and Preferences of Each Institution and Faculty

Support Institutional Collaboration

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