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The strength of our consortium comes from the collaborative spirit of our Members. They advise Unizin and each other about how they are charting their paths to improving the teaching and learning experience. Our Members discuss the challenges they face, share best practices, and keep the solutions focused on achieving results. A number of communities, task forces, and other groups keep us action-oriented. Having a collective voice helps us succeed.

(Please note that the Unizin communities are only open to Unizin Members.)

Teaching and Learning Advisory Group

The Teaching and Learning Advisory Group provides recommendations to the Unizin board and Unizin staff around strategic priorities and collaborate across institutions to share resources and best practices that support teaching and learning. The group also recommends improvements in services through feedback from faculty, students, and staff.

There are also sub-groups within the Teaching and Learning Advisory Group that members are welcome to join. Sub-group areas of focus include:

  • Affordable Content
  • Analytics
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Unizin-Instructure Solutions
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Libraries Group

Our libraries community plays a critical role in supporting the content needs of digital teaching and learning environments. The community works with Unizin to find best practices for getting our Members involved with open educational resources, university- and faculty-generated content, and digital course materials. The Libraries Group also explores how analytics from digital content can be used to improve
teaching and learning.

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Learning Analytics Community of Practice

The LA CoP provides a mechanism for two-way communication between Unizin and our Members, and it encourages an open and ongoing dialogue about our learning analytics initiatives and our products and services. The community meets virtually once a month to discuss a variety of topics coming from both Unizin and our Members.

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Where does all the collaboration happen? It happens everywhere, and it starts at our Community Site.

On the Unizin Community Site, our Members can communicate and collaborate with each other in one convenient place. Users can access and contribute to discussions on Unizin products and services; Member updates about their progress with Unizin and education technology; communications strategies; technological solutions; and faculty involvement with digital teaching and learning. Collaboration is one of our greatest values, and the Community Site is a great place for edtech innovators to join forces and work together.