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The strength of our consortium comes from the collaborative spirit of our Members. They advise Unizin and each other about how they are charting their paths to improving the teaching and learning experience. Our Members discuss the challenges they face, share best practices, and keep the solutions focused on achieving results. A number of communities, task forces, and other groups keep us action-oriented.
Having a collective voice helps us succeed.

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Our Community Forum is a great way to see what's going on within the Unizin Consortium. In the Forum, you can ask questions, provide feedback, contribute to our teaching and learning conversations, stay updated on our products and services, and learn more about Unizin. 

"Unizin is a means to ensure that members of the Academy shape the future in ways that best serve the noble mission that is higher education."

- Brad Wheeler and James L. Hilton, Unizin Founders

"For students to have control of their education and have an education that’s modern and meets their expectations is what Unizin is helping us do."

- Mike Hofherr, Unizin Board Member from The Ohio State University


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A Look Inside Our Infrastructure

March 14, 2017

  Gone are the days of system administrators desperately trying to make sure their servers stay healthy. Services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) allow modern operations staffs to write code to describe the machines and then create new servers on-demand. Here, we will explore how we do just that at Unizin.

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Content Communities Part II: The Unizin Solution

November 23, 2016

Like we mentioned in the previous blog, universities are and will continue to be places where instructional content is created. Lately, we’ve seen a change in how instructional content and courses are created as pressure rises for teaching practices to adapt to the needs of next-generation learners. Faculty are still the primary creators of lecture materials, course materials and textbooks, but increasingly instructional designers, media developers, graphic artists, software developers and others… Read More

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Content Communities Part I: Challenges to Workflows

November 7, 2016

Content initiatives at Unizin Member universities have made headlines this year. Indiana University announced this September that its eText initiative has saved students at least $15 million since the program began in 2012. The University of Wisconsin-Madison published a policy that prioritizes the production of Open Educational Resources (OER) as an important part of the Educational Innovation (EI) Initiative and its Unizin membership.

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