Why Unizin?

The formal launch of Unizin begins an exciting new chapter for Digital Education and a path for universities to shape our future. We have been fortunate to be among the many who have shaped the ideas that form Unizin, and our institutions are among the earliest universities to join. Our goals and purpose in endorsing Unizin are simple: As professors and members of the academy, we want to support faculty and universities by ensuring that universities and their faculty stay in control of the content, data, relationships, and reputations that we create. As we look at the rapidly emerging infrastructure that enables digital learning, we want to bias things in the direction of open standards, interoperability, and scale. Unizin is about tipping the table in favor of the academy by collectively owning (buying, developing, and connecting) the essential infrastructure that enables digital learning on our campuses and beyond.

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Unizin Pilots Open Content Repositories

University Consortium Partners with Blackboard and Instructure to Pilot Course Content Services

EMERYVILLE, Calif. – Unizin, a university-owned and directed consortium that provides standards-based Digital Education infrastructure for its members, announced that it is working with Blackboard and Instructure to connect their content platforms with the Unizin Content Relay. “These connections to the Unizin Content Relay are the first realization of Unizin’s strategy of leveraging loosely coupled systems”, said Unizin’s CEO Amin Qazi. “Institutions and their faculty will be empowered to work with content from multiple platforms, and this moves us significantly closer to that vision.” Both products provide standards-based content storing, sharing, and discovery services that will connect with the Unizin Content Relay including forthcoming connections for Open Educational Resources.

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Higher Education Consortium Unizin announces CEO Hire Amin Qazi

Unizin Board of Directors selects Qazi to lead consortium for advanced digital education

EMERYVILLE, Calif.—July 22, 2014—The Unizin consortium announced today that its Board of Directors has selected Amin Qazi to serve as the company’s founding chief executive officer and a member of the Board of Directors effective immediately. Mr. Qazi brings over a decade of relevant experience to his new role having previously filled executive roles at both universities and as a management consultant.

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Enter Unizin

The technology that supports teaching and learning is increasingly more like plumbing (the basic infrastructure that both enables and constrains) than like a shiny, eye-catching plumbing  fixture. More important, this infrastructure is as critical to the future of residential and online education as bricks and mortar have been to our past. We ignore this technology, this infrastructure, at our own peril. Enter Unizin.

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Unizin is Good for Students, Faculty, and the Private Sector

There is an exciting new development in the teaching and learning space that you need to know about. It’s called Unizin.  Simply put, Unizin is a consortium of universities formed around the idea that higher education—and not just private vendors—should own, direct and share a set of services that further teaching and learning.

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