An Evolutionary Unizin Approach for Commercial and OER Content

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The member universities of the Unizin Consortium have unique, campus-based priorities for course materials. The pace of interest and passion in any particular topic varies by institution and its local priorities, yet Unizin institutions share common, overarching themes in the options that they would like to have available when opportunities arise for digital course materials at their institution.

Request for Proposals for Providers of Higher Education Digital Content for Unizin

The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to solicit proposals to enter into a contract with qualified providers of higher education digital content: specifically electronic textbooks and/or online homework or adaptive solutions for the purpose of instruction. The intent of this RFP and the ensuing process is to convey to Providers the information, requirements, and specifications necessary for the preparation of a professional and comprehensive Proposal. This RFP will end at 5:00pm CST on February 8, 2016.

View the full RFP here.

Response to Vendor Questions.

4 Things I Learned at Unizin’s First Library Summit

Unizin Library Summit Community
Oregon State University Associate Professor and Engineering Librarian, Margaret Mellinger, gathers with fellow librarians at Unizin’s first Library Summit.

Last week, librarians from Unizin’s member schools met with Unizin staff in Chicago to discuss common problems plaguing libraries. Their goal was to create a process for identifying and solving common problems encountered in supporting teaching and learning.

Request for Proposal for Enterprise and Multitenant Learning Management System and Services by Unizin and Internet2

This RFP is now closed.

This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is for the sole purpose of assisting your company’s (“you,” or “your”) development of a proposal for Internet2 (“Internet2”) on behalf of the Unizin Consortium (“Unizin”), a consortium formed by Unizin’s member institutions (“Member Institutions”). Internet2 and Unizin will collectively be referred to as “Issuer,” “we,” “us”, or “our”. We reserve the right to amend, modify or withdraw this RFP at any time.

Unizin Consortium Partners with IMS Global Learning Consortium to Drive Caliper Analytics Adoption

Unizin and IMS Global Learning Consortium are excited to announce a partnership aimed at driving Caliper adoption. IMS Global is leading the charge when it comes to enabling the collection and exchange of click-stream data across multiple platforms, thus enabling institutions to improve the learning experience through valuable insights. Unizin and IMS Global are aligned in their goals to provide a vibrant digital teaching and learning ecosystem by promoting adoption of standards, like Caliper Analytics.

Unizin Innovation Summit 2015: A Summary

This October 8-9, we hosted our first annual Unizin Innovation Summit. It was a great opportunity to meet new people, share updates about Unizin and see what kinds of things our Members are doing to improve the learning experience on their campuses. The Gaylord Texan Hotel and Conference Center served as the backdrop for the two-day event. Everything’s bigger in Texas – and the cavernous conference center did not disappoint (besides the lack of WiFi).

Courseload and Content Relay, Unizin’s Next Steps

In the last blog, I described the great opportunities that Courseload’s features bring to Unizin Members and emphasized lowering costs while enhancing user experience. In this blog, I want to describe how this acquisition is critical to Unizin’s roadmap going forward.

At its core, Unizin is about ensuring the academy stays in control of our data, our content, and our reputations. What does a Courseload have to do with that? Actually, quite a lot!

Unizin Aims to Connect Learners and Content with the Addition of Courseload

We are thrilled to announce that we recently acquired the software and trademark assets of Courseload, Inc!

Courseload Engage is a leading platform for delivering textbooks and other educational resources in digital form to students. It brings collaborative teaching and learning capabilities to students and instructors, which ultimately brings us closer to improving learning experiences. Some of the key product features include the ability to highlight, annotate, bookmark, and search digital texts, as well as to consolidate and share study notes, all of which foster learner interactions with the content. Our intent is to deploy Courseload as the digital text platform for the Unizin ecosystem.

How Visually Appealing Courses Improve the Learning Experience

SamAdams_640x480It’s the first day of class, let’s say, History of Journalism. The teacher is talking about how Sam Adams stoked the flames of revolution with his essays and articles in the Boston Gazette. You could say he was one of the first writers to go ‘viral’ in the colonies. Did you know, Adams also started the 1760s version of today’s Associated Press AND organized the Boston Tea Party all while crafting a pretty tasty seasonal stout? Busy guy.

Enter 2015, from the CEO

Over two years ago, Brad Wheeler, Indiana University Professor and Chief Information Officer, wrote to his colleagues about the future of digital learning in higher education and how universities can pave a path toward scaling learning and teaching beyond a single institution. In his closing remarks, he posited a potential path forward where universities can ”sew together a set of content, distribution and analytics capabilities via strong contracts with a range of potential players.”