Same Mission, New Nonprofit: Unizin, Ltd.

View from Unizin office in Austin
View from Unizin’s office in Austin, TX

Nearly two years ago, an idea to improve higher education through digital technologies took shape as Unizin. During that time, we at Unizin have had the privilege of seeing first-hand how another edtech consortium operates. Internet2 started with 34 universities; today, hundreds of universities rely on the services Internet2 provides. Along the way, Internet2 imparted Unizin with knowledge to bridge the divide between industry, members, and customers.

Today, I’m happy to announce the launch of Unizin, Ltd, a 501(c)(3) registered in the state of Delaware. We are still governed by our Founding Members under the model we have always had. Our staff, intellectual property, and other assets were all transferred to Unizin, Ltd. from Internet2.

Unizin has plans to move into new areas of growth in the near future. And while these are the early days of our roadmap, we have found that it is an opportune time for Unizin to leave our incubator and venture off on our own. As Google President, Larry Page, said in the announcement of Alphabet, “in the technology industry, where revolutionary ideas drive the next big growth areas, you need to be a bit uncomfortable to stay relevant.”

This new separation does not at all change Unizin’s vision, mission, or strategy, but rather will afford us more agility to achieve them. As we stretch beyond expectations, we are confident that we’ll be able to utilize our resources to achieve more ambitious goals in this new chapter of Unizin. In the immediate future, we’re excited about helping universities collaborate through a common platform and find the right path to a pervasive analytics solution. Unizin is creating a more effective and intuitive workflow for course creation and design, promoting the use of OER and faculty-generated content, continuing to provide innovative and affordable ways to access publisher content, and supporting standards-based technology.

I am certain we will continue to challenge the notions of what Unizin is in the future. Unizin, Ltd. will serve our membership with greater focus and renewed intensity.

Amin Qazi, Unizin CEO

Student Perspective: How I Use My LMS

Person sitting on a bed, typing on their laptop

My university transitioned from Blackboard to Canvas as its primary LMS. Faculty leaders went through a long process to determine that the system was the best fit for us. But when you have hundreds of great minds in one space, you get several different approaches to utilizing digital learning resources.

Everyone Wins with the Institutional Model


At the beginning of each semester, my social timeline is filled with articles, blogs, and tweets about the skyrocketing prices of course materials in higher education. In the last month, my Twitter feed included a series of tweets from 2020 presidential candidate, Mr. Kanye West.

[Sidenote: Kanye, while I agree with your sentiment that college textbooks should not cost so much, I’m not sure that trading lower prices for higher faculty salaries will accomplish your goal of making college more affordable…]

As you know,

Unizin’s Teaching and Learning Group (Almost) One Year Later

Group from Teaching and Learning prepares for day of meetings
Unizin’s Teaching and Learning Faculty Engagement subcommittee prepares to meet.

Last April, a small group of top educators met in Chicago to discuss Unizin’s Teaching and Learning plan. The group was chartered with providing recommendations to the Unizin board for strategic priorities around teaching and learning. At the first meeting the group organized into subcommittees around

An Evolutionary Unizin Approach for Commercial and OER Content

A photo showing a laptop, tablet, book and smartphone.

The member universities of the Unizin Consortium have unique, campus-based priorities for course materials. The pace of interest and passion in any particular topic varies by institution and its local priorities, yet Unizin institutions share common, overarching themes in the options that they would like to have available when opportunities arise for digital course materials at their institution.

Request for Proposals for Providers of Higher Education Digital Content for Unizin

RFP - Blog

The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to solicit proposals to enter into a contract with qualified providers of higher education digital content: specifically electronic textbooks and/or online homework or adaptive solutions for the purpose of instruction. The intent of this RFP and the ensuing process is to convey to Providers the information, requirements, and specifications necessary for the preparation of a professional and comprehensive Proposal. This RFP will end at 5:00pm CST on February 8, 2016.

View the full RFP here.

Response to Vendor Questions.

4 Things I Learned at Unizin’s First Library Summit

Unizin Library Summit Community
Oregon State University Associate Professor and Engineering Librarian, Margaret Mellinger, gathers with fellow librarians at Unizin’s first Library Summit.

Last week, librarians from Unizin’s member schools met with Unizin staff in Chicago to discuss common problems plaguing libraries. Their goal was to create a process for identifying and solving common problems encountered in supporting teaching and learning.

Request for Proposal for Enterprise and Multitenant Learning Management System and Services by Unizin and Internet2

RFP Agreement - Blog

This RFP is now closed.

This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is for the sole purpose of assisting your company’s (“you,” or “your”) development of a proposal for Internet2 (“Internet2”) on behalf of the Unizin Consortium (“Unizin”), a consortium formed by Unizin’s member institutions (“Member Institutions”). Internet2 and Unizin will collectively be referred to as “Issuer,” “we,” “us”, or “our”. We reserve the right to amend, modify or withdraw this RFP at any time.

Unizin Consortium Partners with IMS Global Learning Consortium to Drive Caliper Analytics Adoption


Unizin and IMS Global Learning Consortium are excited to announce a partnership aimed at driving Caliper adoption. IMS Global is leading the charge when it comes to enabling the collection and exchange of click-stream data across multiple platforms, thus enabling institutions to improve the learning experience through valuable insights. Unizin and IMS Global are aligned in their goals to provide a vibrant digital teaching and learning ecosystem by promoting adoption of standards, like Caliper Analytics.